Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A&R Executive Looking for something New in Something Old

I love that old school Hard Rock Sound. Here I am Back on-line it's late about midnight on Halloween. I am searching for vintage Rock ,I have an idea for a modern application in music production.

ACID MOTHERS is a great place to start. Their sound is fine tuned, mind cracking hip acid rock blues with blasting allegro glissando riffs,that can be heard from the club to the next star system. I really dig this retro act.The Artist are truly great performers.

The next stop lead my ears to Berlin Live 2011 .
Einstuzende Neubauten Band is a very emotional performance group which resembles a techno rock industrial style with a vintage touch in good taste. This band is worth exploring.

Deer Hoof Live in Philadelphia has provided the sounds of two worlds.I here classic rock mixed with industrial punk modulations. This concert was highly recommended and I enjoyed the adventure.

Well my task is not over I will keep searching for that sound that can be used to shape the future of music production.The search will continue.

ED Mac Audio A&R Executive

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